Restore & Revive Skin Salve,
Restore & Revive Skin Salve,

Restore & Revive Skin Salve,

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A truly incredible product that helps to calm, repair & revive compromised skin. This unique blend significantly reduces redness & irritation as well as boosts your skin's ability to repair itself & function optimally by regenerating, strengthening & renewing damaged skin cells. Apply liberally to any skin ailments such as rough dry cracked skin, bites & any skin irritation. Helps relieve itchiness & doesn't sting.

An amazing product for a vast variety of skin ailments, such as:

  • Calluses & Rough Patches
  • Dry Patches
  • Sensitive Baby Bottoms
  • Cracked Lips
  • Irritated & Itchy Skin
  • and More!** 

Gently cleanse the area with a mild cleanser, let dry & apply generous amount several times daily.

IngredientsOlive Oil* and Coconut Oil* infused with Calendula Flowers*, Plantain*, Chickweed*, Comfrey Leaf*, Witch Hazel*, St. John’s Wort* & Pure Beeswax.  *Organic

**Not for use during Pregnancy.  Please consult a qualified holistic practitioner prior to use, if pregnant, breastfeeding or for drug interactions. \n \n